SecUA is a risk and security consulting firm that specializes in supporting Western and international companies operating in Ukraine and Post-Soviet countries. SecUA is a part of international security-risk advisory group React Risk Advisory

SecUA comprises cultural understanding of business environments of Ukraine as well as the Western world. Team of professionals has the necessary skills and experience to provide operational support in the field of risk and security to clients facing turbulences and disturbances in their business operation in Ukraine

Our culture grounds on integrity, confidentiality, responsible and legal operation that complies with local and international law

SecUA team combines experience, competences and cultural understanding of local Ukrainian professionals with the extensive transnational practice of React Risk Advisory. Our consultants have extensive operational background in providing risk and security related consulting services in various regions of the world, focusing on Central and Northern Europe

Team of SecUA includes professionals in information gathering and analysis, investigations, forensic accounting, close protection and technical security. SecUA has wide-ranging network of trusted partner entities that have the necessary resources to provide security related services in various locations of Ukraine

SecUA risk and security consulting services include range of proactive and reactive services designed to assist the Client when facing risk and security related turbulences and disturbances to the business operation in Ukraine. SecUA portfolio includes the following main service groups:

Research, analysis and investigations

Research, analysis and investigations are the base points of SecUA operations. SecUA has experience and capabilities to provide various research and analysis services to support the decision making process for the Client’s organization. SecUA offers both: standardized research services that include a specific list of topics to be covered in the screening as well as tailor made research assignments targeting specific aspects of an organization, industry, market segment or other. Research and analysis services can include:

Due diligence and background screenings in necessary levels of depth. These services are often used by Clients to verify the suppliers, service providers or potential partners,and to identify political and legal exposures or other aspects.

Investigation support services provides the necessary competence to navigate a situation, minimize losses when Client company is facing economic crimes as internal or external fraud. SecUA competence are often used to execute the cooperation with local law enforcement institutions to ensure the minimalization of loses and quick recovery of the business operations to normal state
Security Risk Management
Security Risk Management is a crucial aspect in any business operations, especially in turbulent and unstable business environments. SecUA has the necessary experience and cultural understanding to help the Client to navigate treacherous waters to benefit from the possibilities it offers. Risk management services include various preventive measures, like:

Negotiation support, dispute management
Security and risk management audits
Site inspections and risk analysis
Information security measures
Crisis managenemt - emergency response
Availability and prompt response are among the key elements of SecUA security risk consulting services. Being a part of React-Risk Advisory group ensures that we are available 24/7 and ready to respond in shortest possible time. Locations of React-Risk Advisory group offices, partner entities and contract consultants ensure the possibilities for prompt response in the regions of Ukraine, Baltic Countries, Central and Northern Europe, and Middle East. Crisis management consulting services also include:

Crisis management, plans
Crisis organisation, training and setup
Crisis communication
Executive protection
IT & Information Security Is An Investment That Is An Advantage On The Market Our first and utmost goal is to protect what is the most precious and valuable - your work, processes, company assets, and data as well as your private ones, your company ins and outs. We prevent your company from intentional or accidental harmful actions within the company such as stealing, leaking, destroying or modifying the data. We put great effort to train and raise the security awareness of your staff. We react against IT fraud, espionage, sabotage, disloyal employees, data leaks and crisis. In Cybersecurity scope we can offer a number services, including:

Hybrid IT Security Audits & Compliance
Dedictated Cybersecurity Officer (DCSO)
Incident Response 24/7, SOCS, IR, SOARS
Simulated Anti-Phishing Campaigns
Electronic Surveillance Detection
Computer Forensics
Contact information
SecUA Risk Advisory – Riga office
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E-mail: info@sec-ua.com
Phone: +371 68 805 018
SecUA Risk Advisory – Kiev office
1v Tychyny ave., office A, 4 floor, Kiev, Ukraine, 02152
E-mail: kiev@react-risk.com
Phone: +380 44 390 9499